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BABAMANI'S holy words   




Shake the world with thunder-boom;  let the earth quiver under your mighty foot steps.  Hero of the heroes ---- make a move all ever the world as embodiments of strength and energy.  Tear off iron-fetters --raise yourselves up like the great Himalayas under the vast blue firmament.  Bury all injustice, corruption, tyranny, worries, anxieties and unrest by virtue of your sacred sacrifice of selves.  To have all is to give all.  Nothing is gained without giving something.  The more you sacrifice, the more will be your return.  How the voluptuous libertines  of comfort and luxury dare have the fruits of freedom meant for the deserving great?


Many may march forward to a battlefield on sudden impulses.  Take account of those who can stand undaunted in front of a real war. That is actual statistics : The rest is deceptive and good for nothing.  Don't try to give a lead to the country by making speeches and subterfuges only.  There is no denying the fact that oratory has its own role to play.  But where action is needed, speeches are of no use.  It appears very often to be a fashion of the day to make speeches and to hear lectures. We need those very kinds of speeches which inspire firm conviction into the mind of audience like "There is no Alps" and , in reality, there was no hindrance from the mountain.  We need that very kind of speech.

          Trickery, if necessary, may be tired with enemies of the country but never with own countrymen.  Diplomacy has its role in war and politics.  It has got nothing to do with your fellow-countrymen. Look searchingly into the depths of your heart and examine whether your manoeuvres are for foreigners' appreciation at the premium of your countrymen, or not.


 Courage and valour are the two mainstays of progress and prosperity of the nation.  Strength of character and incorruptibility are the bases on which a nation is built.  Faith in God and confidence in immorality of Soul are the parents of an immaculate character

3.  You have created an artificial society.  You are indulging in artificiality at every step.  You are adoring hypocrisies as the greatest leaders; you are idolizing hypocrisy, you are admiring malpractices.. You are passing on falsehood for truth, wisecracks for sacrifices.  Will you be able to asses the real value of "Kohinoor", if , by any chance God happens to make a gift of it to you? He who has no courage to admit truth, may be a scholar, may be a vastly learned man, may be a very popular personality; but he is not a true leader.  Such a leader leads the country to hell.


  How dare you believe in God?  You have no end of corruption, you have no fathom of weakness.  You fear God for you can pull the wool over peoples' eyes.  None can fool God.  You can fool the people for some time but you can never fool God. You have got only one pursuit -- that is to develop a  character.  He is your true leader whose ideal and examples will inspire an urge of character-building in your mind -- none else. Those who cannot recognise a true leader invariably get into trouble.  They spend their lives in repentance and grief.


  •     Do you like to hear sermons?  I can tell you only one.  That is, "CHARACTER". No explanation is necessary to elucidate what is called a good character.  Be a man of character by all means.  This is the only duty.  If you can perform it perfectly, you will save the country.  Much noise has been made about service to the country, but persons who are going behind the bars with a furore may ask themselves secretly whether they are men of characters or not.  Can your btother entrust you with a deposit of Rs.10,000/- without any document or evidence before setting out for foreign countries ?  Will he get back his money on his return after ten years at the mere asking?  If your friend puts up his young, beautiful and healthy sister in your custody before he goes out of station for a business tour, would he get back his sister after five years with her virginity unimpaired?
  •              If you go to a battle-field, will you confront death instead of falling back at the crucial moment?
  •                As you know it is very difficult to make money honestly, will you be able to restrain yourself from making quick money by evil means?
  •                 He who deserves the honour rightfully and if, be any chance, you have got the ample opportunity of smuggling that honour for yourself; will be then forego the chance and serve the country without name and fame?
  •                  If your answers are positive, you are admittedly a man of character.


United strength of multitude of weaklings creates immense power.  That power sometimes shoots up an ordinary man to the highest peak of the Himalayas with a crown on his head.  A great upliftment throughout the country may be achieved through proper guidance, co-ordination and planned organisation of that collective strength of the multitude.  Leadership here is successful.  But is may also be abused to serve individual, group or party-interest, having denied proper scope for development.  Leadership here is not only a failure but it is cursed too.  The curse of deceived millions then goes on chasing that leader all through his life and death.


Don't say anything to me other than character-building.  I won't listen.  You may manufacture a large quantity of arms and ammunitions to make the foreigners quit India, but your comrade may sell those to a band of dacoits.  A wide network of conspiracy might have been set up by thought the country to drive the foreigners out, but your brother or your leader may sell the secrets to them. Your top secrets may be transpired through loopholes of your house.  Your wisecracks about ideology is nothing but a mission -  it only masquerades misdeeds and misappropriations.  Will the country every profit by them? Be a man of character first - develop your strength of character - the rest will follow.


I love God.  Your won't even heard the name of God.  I don't mind. Take it easy.  You may live in your own way.  I have not the least of hard feelings against you in this respect.  It is God, who has given that trait in you.  Whatever you are doing, you are doing at His Will.  Why should I pick up a quarrel with you?  But I also love God at His Will.  If you can sacrifice for otehrs even without any faith in God - I shall never look down upon your sacrifice and service to humanity.  But if a little of those noble deeds is ever performed by me, it is possible only because of the strength of my faith in God. 

         Men of my make will sacrifice their lives with a smile by virtue of their faith in God.


Life is worth living through sacrifice of the self; it is not worth keeping body and flesh together by any means.  I want a good answer to only one question.  On what purpose you will sacrifice your life?  Is It  for your own sake?  Is it for the service to humanity? Or, is it for the welfare of your country?  Is it for the service of God?  I want the answer to this very question only. There is no manliness, no glory to carry on a bag of bones, body and flesh together.  Life must be worth living - we must live for a noble ideal - we must die for a noble cause.  Don;t think life and death are entire two different things.  To make life worth living - you have to go ahead with death at your command.  To die a noble death - you must regard life as a trifling thing as an earthenware.


  • Let there be established a complete unison among your self, your motherland and your God.  If you do not believe in God, put the world, visible and invisible, in His place.  Then think over indivisibility of the Trio.  He who identifies himself with his motherland can never do any harm to his countrymen for his own fame, honour, interest, supremacy, immortality and fortune.  He who has not developed this concept of indivisibility is liable to lead his countrymen to immense grief and calamity with a smile out of his whims to satisfy his own vanity and wrongful obstinacy.  It is as criminal an offence as a cold-blooded murder.
  •  He who can unify his motherland with God; his service to the country is virtually the worship of God in other way.  Seldom can he do any harm to the citizens of the world cut of a fanatic patriotism.
  • He who has developed a complete identity with God is free from octo-bondage.  Personal pride cannot subject him, he cannot remain indifferent to others distress, he never resorts to self-interest; he shuns the downward alley of trickery and manoeuvres owing to his divine nature; he satisfies his soul through the satisfaction of the soul of universe.


You are nothing but your individual entity .  To remember this distinctly is the strength of character.  When you forget yourself, and then only you are open to failures and foibles;  you commit then repeatable sins and stoop to abominable things. Never forget who you are.  If you can keep your individuality undigested in your mind, neither applause of the world nor trivial and hateful allurements will be able to mislead you.


  • When millions are inspired by a common impulse, when thousand hands set to a common work, it gives birth to a wave stimulating simultaneous urge of creation in one hand, destruction on the other.  There lies such joy and alacrity, taste of which cannot be expressed.  The sweep of this frenzied ecstasy overwhelms willingness to accelerate the current of events.  This is called revolution.  Revolution is not a meaningless queer thing.
  • Nation or Society marches forward through revolution, evolution or pseudo-revolution.  They are unavoidable prerequisites for headway to progress.  Success of revolution lies in extension of love; it does not exist in aggravating malice.  Revolution without love is liable to become a faliure.
  •           Again, where there is love but no revolution, the rise is imperfect, inert and crippled.  Nothing can be gained without giving something.  The more precious things you give, the more valuables will you have in return. You have so long frittered away your time in horse-plays and rigmarole, never learnt how to sacrifice; as a result you have turned out a coward.
  •          Cowards cite scriptures to camouflage their impotence.  But imbeciles have no manliness.  When power goes to the weak, coward and beastly persons, they abuse it. Under the leadership of inhuman beings, loss sustained by the nation at peace - time is much more greater than that at the time of war.





Don't believe a man who has no character you will be deceived if you do so.  It is heard that in various countries debauches rule the country, but I do not know how far it is true  Our country never wants men without characters.  Men without characters have no firm conviction.  They go on changing their principle and policy by fits and starts.  They fear truth.  They worship falsehood on the alter of truth and compel the countrymen to join them in their wrongful ritual.


Find out the talented - assist them to develop their latent faculties.  Do the needful to make them engage their talent to the welfare of mankind.  Don't make them slaves to machines.  Have you ever felt any talent lying dormant within yourself?  If so, go on searching with a pure and devoted heart.  This is why we speak about love of God.  Man can know himself in the true perspective when he loves God.  Then an obscure lotus can be discerned at the bottom of a hundred feed pond.  You will then feel an inner urge to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of your motherland, your nation and the world at large.  If this urge culminates into perfection you may singularly remove the dearth of talented persons in the world.  They are also assets.  They are the strength of the nation.


Character is a very adventurous thing.  it does not care odds and oppositions, it has no fear to death, it never resorts to subterfuges unless for self-defence.  Character is a very simple thing, it values action more than words.  Character is a very stern in consideration of any obligation, whatever it may be.  Be a man of character.


Be on the look-out for opportunity. Keep your eyes and ears open - watch over what is going around.  Don't say anything.  You are out for tiger-hunting not to dig out earthworm.  Wait for an opportunity.  Keep yourself alert and  in readiness so that you may at once make the full use of the opportunity whenevr it happens to come.  Let it not slip by.  Those who keep themselves in readiness can never be lost in slumber nor fall for flattery.


Whatever you have done or are doing to do - does it create a new world?  Does it explore a new horizon before the eyes of the conservatives? Does it inspire new hopes new enthusiasm among the fresher?  Is the former world undergoing a better and fuller change both in its intrinsic glory and outward decency?  Are your action, endeavour, publicity, enthusiasm, thinking and medication going to expedite that fine and harmonious evolution or are you making a new generation of slaves in the name of freedom who are not ashamed of selling their mothers and sisters to bastards of loaves and fishes?


Youths of character will bring glory to the country and peace to the world.  Men of character can control avarice.  They would never elbow their way by exploiting the weak.  They know that it is their strength of character which will make them great.  They think it is beneath their dignity to resort to foul means to rise to eminence.  If you like to serve the country, contribute your might to the pool of nation's characgter.  You can never make your country great by oratory, trickery and conspiracy.  If you fall short in character and pretend to be great in showmanship remember, you are in collusion with enemies of your country.


Endeavour and strength of character - let these two be your mainstays.  I shall never accept you as a servant of the country   Tell me how much strength you have contributed to the spine of your people's character by your examples of life, by strength of your sacrifice, by immeasurable manliness and by your uncompromising character.  You are a servant of the country so much extent as you have contributed your wealth of character to the country.  I am inclined to judge the merit of your service, your sacrifice and your greatness by inflow of your contribution through the posterity for an infinite period of time.  No cheap credentials can be obtained from me.


Does your action follow the speed of your thought?  If not, try to exercise this first.  Only oratory cannot remove the distress of a country.  Have you realised what is your duty?  Have you ever identified your duty?  Are you cock-sure that there is no misunderstanding, no confusion in that respect?  If so, hurry up.  Do at once whatever you think to be done - don't allow any interval of time to stand between. 

At the time of taking decision you must size up thousands and thousands of minor pitfalls.  Don't think minor things are negligible since they are so small.  You must view all sorts of odds and oppositions from that standpoint, for you have to make a headway to victory surmounting all those on the way.  You can never be defeated.  You must not be lost.  You may appear to be hesitant at the beginning which does not mean that you have been frightened.  It is necessary to make sure of success.  He who does not take care of chances of fall in anticipation can never climb up the highest peak.  It is wrong to term this precaution as cowardice.  But whenever you have decided finally there should be no question of backing out, except the only one; how to come out successful, how to win and how to fulfil the mission.

If necessary, you must embrace death without the least hesitation;  sacrifice your life with a smile.


We must die the death of a hero, not the death of a coward-this should be our motto. So, extensive pursuit for develop­ment of character is necessary. All power should be concentrated on one point-it should not go astray. We must get to work at hurricane speed, with the velocity of meteors; not as sluggishly as snails nor in a dilatory way.  Are those three characteristics combined in you? Have you ever practiced to apply exclusive energy to work with dynamic speed?  Have you developed courage to face death with pride and honour? If so, do come to me and tell me that you are a servant of the country. If not take your seat far way from me.


I shall call him a true worker who can concentrate all his power on a singular aim but, at the same time keeps up surveillan­ce on all sides over all directions. You should work with an exclusive mind and remain alert so that none can put up check­mates in your way of fulfillment of ambition.


To attain the aim is not all, you should, if possible, eradicate all obstacles, one after another, in your way to progress. After all, remember-that if Chanakya had been fully occupied with the lifting up of 'Kusha' thorns from under his feet, Chan­dragupta could never have found the first historical empire of India. With the help of sharp vigilance, you must spot out the impediments; but don't fall back from going ahead. You have to move on with indomitable spirit. There must be good reasons to convince you that you are never falling behind. Self-complacence in any way or the other does not mean forward' march.


Meditation on GOD is wrong; service to the country false for them who have no charac­ters. You may tumble down in your way of spiritual pursuit all of a  sudden; it is not at all an unusual thing. Holy celebrities and the Saints like Viswamitra and Bharadwaj were seen, to have committed sudden blunders. But true Saints correc­ted their wrongs forthwith; they did not think that a blunder committed once is of permanent standing throughout the life and they never made the posterity pay the price for it.


You will commit nefarious deeds and compel the people to interpret them in your favourable light, you will embezzle and oblige the people to say that it is a kind of amazing greatness on your part demonstrat­ing absence of discrimination between self and others; You will create a havoc and make the people say that a philanthropic and a lover of the country like yon was never be born in future; imbecility, lack of resolute determination and weakness of mind are eating into the vital of your charac­ter but you will make the people say that a sane and sober man like you is rare in this world: all these are nothing but cheap stunts and booby traps.


Yon will swear to sacrifice your life hundred times a day but whenever the occasion arises you will resort to subterfuges in order to steer clear off all responsibilities and manliness-who will do this if he is not a selfish and devoid of character?


Develop your character with utmost care, be brave in body and mind; then and then only you .will be undefeatable in your determination. Fix up your aim at the top, don't be disheartened at faults if so happ­ens; get going ahead with more manliness. Nothing in the world intimidates them who move ahead with selfless and pure heart.


The more insurmountable are difficulties the more intensive and vigorous should be your manliness. Boasts of weaklings are nothing but noise of crickets. Who would care to heed them? If you can prove your­self a hero, millions will wait eagerly to hear a sound of your secret breath. Your ene­mies will fear you and out of that feeling of awe they will respect you. This respect is of worldly nature, it is obviously different from spiritual devotion.


        This estimation will put you up on the altar of worship even without the knowledge of your enemies. On the other hand, nodody will care a fig for the shrill cry of weaklings, nor even their enduring friends.


As your friends are used to admire you very often, don't think they really respect you. Their allegiance to you is motivated. He who is your true friend will never hesitate to criticize you severely when you are at fault. Those who support your faults are after your weakness to their advantage ;1 they are paving the way of your downfall.


It is of no use to hold a sword in a weak hand. Your enemies can snatch it off to use against you. Be powerful. Whenever you are in need of a sword, hold it like a hero and when there is no need, brandish it like the incantation-beads of Tibetan Yogis. When necessary, let it pierce into the hearts of the enemy of civilisation to suck blood and when the necessity is over let it be the string of your meditation-bead. What is helpful in your worldly prosperity let it be so in your spiritual advancement. Don't leave religion to be observed only by weaklings. Let religion be the strength of the weak and let it give more strength to the strong.


You have to destroy the vicious trio: the inclination, impulse and the situation for adultery. Adultery must not run loose in the game of freedom. The age where there is no shame in perversion and sexuality is nothing but the age of beasts. The country where there is no despise against sex manias cannot be declared to be a civilised country. Most of the functions organised by imbecile men and women prompt susceptibility to adul­tery: sometimes in the name of art, some­times in the name of freedom and equality and sometimes in the name of religion too. We may well define it as disgrace rather than progress.


The body has done its work in its own way but the mind remains all the same still under my control-these are all wrong reasoning. If the body does the thing in any way or the other the safety-catch of shyness has gone off once and for all. Then no dam of sand can stand the rush of flood.


It the body can do its work well, frenzy on either side knows no bounds. Under the circumstances, nobody can put the mind under control unless he happens to be blessed particularly by God. This is why our first duty should be to control the body. Mind-control should go on : sexual urge of mind remains under control until it breaks loose into physical orgy. When sexual urge of the body is satisfied mental urge breaks loose. In many cases, sexual urge of the body first gives rise to mental urge. So, it is said.

That in this age of "Kali", the body sins,mind does not. There is some truth in the saying.


Self-respect or confidence in self-supre­macy in a woman protects her like a shield. She does not fall an easy victim to violence or enticement.  It is also applicable to a man who has self-respect.

\iVc are all equal: if this notion promotes. degeneration among men and women, our country does not need that sort of equality.

Adultery .cannot give anything but domestic disrupt and sexual disease. 1f you would like to die of gangrene and if you choose to be a father of a lame, blind and crippled child you are at liberty to indulge in adultery. An adulterer can never stick to one, and, as such, treatment does not produce any lasting result.


The service of a man who is equally strong and lively both in youth and in old age builds up the nation, For, he can strongly control together the steadiness of aim and determination. In despair of old age. all your past services and contributions turn futile. No, if you happen to live up to a ripe old age, don't forget excellent promises and determinations of your youth. We shall remain a livewire and evergreen-this will be our specialty.


            Cultivation of land as well as cultivation of mind are both in a sense agriculture. We must not ignore either. Assemble all con­tributions of Science and Philosophy with must not ignore either. Assemble all con­tributions of Science and Philosophy with same degree of attention as in the former which is small and so in the latter which is subtle.  Agriculture stands for qualitative excellence.  Beating about the bus is never called Agriculture.


Politics and Religion-both are products of strong ethical codes. There is no room

for cowardice in either of the two. Cowards resort to irreligious malpractices in the name of religion. They again do harm to their motherland in the name of service to  the country. There is no rise of cowards in any sphere of activity in life. You should de­vote yourselves to eradicate cowardice, impotence, lack of self-confidence and weakness of mind in men.


            Religion goes on at the urge of spiritual benefit, politics for worldly welfare. There is no fundamental difference in any of them. Spiritual upliftment does not consummate only in seeking benefit for a few. It is not religion till it embraces all in the universe. Similarly, it cannot be called politics or ser­vice to a country until it culminates into pro­tection of interests of all the people including yours and mine. As such, the basic truth of religion and politics is identical. It calls for sacrifice, welfare for all and resignation of self-interest for greater interests of the people. From this view point, Religion and Politics are synonymous. But those who practice religion only for their own deliverance; politics for self and party-interest are engros­sed in petty affairs. Precious human life has not been gifted for doing such petty things.

( 40 )

         Man is heavily swindling man both in, the fields of religion and politics. They will,go on for ever if opportunity provides the scope. You yourselves are giving oppor­tunities and this is why smart people are pull­ing the wool over your eyes. If you were alert, if you would keep watch, you would never be fooled likewise. Beware of sharper who are on the look-out for oppor­tune moments. Thieves enter into the house where inmates are in deep slumber. Go on with keen vigilance.


          Religion shall give you strength; poli­tics, unity. Mohammedan religion is a poli­tical religion; wherever it goes, it bears an imprint of the Arabic culture. This Arabian motive is its politics. This is what has given so great a degree of integrity in .the Moham­medan sect. The nemaz, or the assembled prayer of God has given depth to this unison. It is true that a kind of unison is achieved by maintaining only identical fashion of dress, by wearing beard in a particular way or by dining all together, but that unison cannot reach into 'this depth. The unison that is established by praying together is deeper and  more permanent. But this unison can be given revolutionary dimensions when poli­tics inject into it the joy of conquering other. When the unjust ambition of establishing the ideals, influences. power and mastery of a nation upon another steal into religion, it lets loose a kind of religious fanaticism and bigotry that really is grotesques. Gruesome and frightening.


        A couple of idealisms are universally acclaimed in the modern world, viz. patriotism and pantheism. The former is a majestic one and the' latter is spiritual transcendence. But one regards his country as his motherland in comparison with his own mother since all parts of the body of one's mother are adorable alike to him so a patriot imagines in comparison with his mother that all parts of his country are simi­larly adorable to him. No child on the lap of his mother think that as I am not seated at the feet of my mother so any injury to her feet would never mean injury to me in any way or the other. He rather think wherever I am placed on my mother's body-all integral parts of my mother, by and large, are adorable to me-any injury to any part of her body is also an injury to me. A patriot contemplates, in comparison with his own mother, that in Assam, Bengal, Orissa Bom­bay; Bihar, Agra or Oudh, Punjab or Sindh -my motherland is a composite whole­ - wherever I may live-any harm done to any integral part of my motherland is also harm to me. Actuated by this sacred urge, many a patriot bear tortures and infliction till death with a smile; many of them think death as blessings of his mother. Is there any country where patriots are not honoured? Is there any country where patriots are not worshipp­ed? In England, France, Germany. China' Japan, Australia, Africa and America-in all the countries there is honour and admirations are always in store for the patriot. As the country is compared with mother-so its call is so intensive and unavoidable. Now just think what a mother is!


To Probe shortcomings and draw­backs and utmost endeavour to eradicate ­those is called character-building. Find out one after another faults latent in you by exclusive and intensive self-analysis. Your probing should be more keen and penetrat­ing than that of your enemy's, you may call it a day when you have found out at least a fault in you and you have tried at once to uproot the same without the least delay.

When you have undermined one of your impure thought by establishing supremacy of truth and confidence-you should know that very moment is a red letter day to you. Many impure thoughts, many sinful allure­ments in disguise of love mercy and affec­tion which cannot be easily discerned may make hide-outs into hearts without our knowledge. They should be detected by keen insight and penetrating mind. When such a fault would be detected and you would try your utmost to annihilate that you should know that day is the best day in your life.


As drops of water is always tumbling on the petal of lotus-men's lives are alike rest­less-nobody knows when death will overtake him-it is true.

Though drops of water on lotus-leaves dose not make any lasting mark on it- 50, amidst all sods of domestic trouble, turmoil, worries and anxieties, you should keep your­self detached like ducks swimming in water and always keep yourself aloof from domes­tic anxieties while discharging domestic duties. Do your duty to your mother and father as if God live in them and yon arc worshipping God in them.

If they resist, you should think that it is God who in them are examining your degree of love of God against odds and op­positions. You should believe this state of affairs is decreed by God and, as such, you should serve and adore your parents as usual.

You should think that God also exists in your wife. If so, duty to your wife will be nothing but service of God to you.

If your wife appears to be sax maniac then you should think that it is God who puts your self-control in test

Under the circumstances, behave your­ self gently with your wife instead of being tough.

If you can pull on with this mental make-up, domestic world cannot do any harm fo you. There are crocodiles in the river of do­mestic world but if you smear turmeric all over the body-what is there to be afraid of ?

Or think that the world is like a dense forest: Tigress in the form of hungers, wolves in the form of poverty; she-bears in the form of anxieties, poisonous snake in the form of crookedness-all are roaming ~here. So what?         .

Get going with the unfailing missile of "Pasupat" in the name of God-wild animals can never do anything.






If you really love me, don't try to make me a great man - follow & obey my words - Swarupananda


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