Having been born December 26, 1899 (December 1885, Bengali 1294 from another source), Swamiji’s childhood was one of religious fervor. Since childhood he was religious in nature  and  his activities were unique which differenciated him from ordinary people. Although his  parents thought him very strange, they  allowed because he was safe and not bothering them.

                                                                            He soon realised the real Mantra "Om" and never looked back again.  He wrote ,"  Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om" should not only be uttered,  but should also be chanted.  Know it to be the mighty incantation for unification of all.  "Hari" means "God" and "Om" means "Yes", i.e. "Om" stands for "Being".  "Hari Om" thus means "God is".  The word "Hari" connotes 'one who gathers' , 'one who accumulates',  'One who culls'.  The great mystic syllable "Om" being about integration of all fragmental units into an integrated and indivisible entity.  For this reason alone, this mighty "Mantram" is otherwise designated as "Hari".  All the wisdom of the universe, all truth, all weal, all incantation, all symbols, methods, ways means theories and approaches lie gathered together and accumulated only in Omkar.  "Hari" means everything and "Om" means the mystic syllable.




  • The interpretation of the expression "Hari Om" when fully elucidated and expounded, stands out as "God exists", and "God Himself has become everything".  While chanting "Hari Om", do always try to comprehend this meaning of the expression.  Also do always bear in mind that the only



  •  object of publicly chanting "Hari Om" is to promote an eager interest in and intense liking for the "Akhanda (indivisible, all comprehensive and integrated holy) name of God in oneself as also amongst the seekers and aspirants.  While reciting "Hari Om" in course of perambulation, never

  • fail to keep in mind that you are thereby reminding the people that "God exists and God is everything"




     Babamani's teachings combine to make intellectual understanding a firm foundation upon which to erect our devotional practices. He had the gift of weaving (moksha)etenlal life, wisdom, with bhakti, devotion. He tought an aspirant how to move from the intellectual contemplation of the whys and hows of creating a discipline, to the practical applications of actually sitting for prayer of the Great Mantra Pranava – “OM”. He clearly explained how to sit, how to breathe, how to attain oneness with the Guru and oneness with the God & Goddess.


    Babamani  dedicated his entire life to work & worship. His selfless love was visible in all his actions. He was generous beyond measure and had a truly divine sense of humor. He inspired by example, and to see Babamani performed Samabeta Upasana created a desire in the blessed observer to also worship the Divine. To hear him chant filled with the bhava of inspired enthusiasm, creates a desire in us to learn the mantras; to watch him, sparks a desire to experience that same depth of absorption.

    Like a master craftsman, he utilised all the tools of chanting: mantra, pranayama and asana; with focused attention and profound respect, he transformed every ritual into an offering of love and surrender.


    What is even more extraordinary is that he was able to maintain the same bhava in all actions. Whether he was performing a upasana, chanting at the Bigraha “OM”, tirelessly working for writing letters, chopping wood for the work, making brick for Ashrama or helping in construction or maintenance of the ashram, he maintained that same loving Bhava, because they are all offerings for the Beloved God. Babamani told being spiritual means giving more than we take. Living the life of a brahmin means conforming one's behavior to those who have lived the ideal. It is only then that we can genuinely transform ourselves into really pure and silent divine beings.


    His deep love, his intuitive understanding and his spiritual experience is evident in every bani and books. He not only wrote books, but he was a living testament to its ideal and philosophy. He brings to life every character within the scriptures with such intensity, that we begin to realize that these very same characters exist within us. We then are able to learn how we can purify ourselves until we, too, realize our own Divinity!


    For a complete list of books, please go to the book section of this web site.





    Although  a  very good student in High School, and was treated as intellectually gifted by both teachers and students and passed his Matric examination with high rank but  he abandoned final examination (B.A.) in college as a protest against British Government.  He wrote " Patriotism is not a commodity for sale.  Don't expect a reward for your love for country.  Do you expect a garland for your breathing air?  Patriotism is an natural as respiration." He told "Politics and Religion - both are products of strong ethical codes.  There is no room for cowardice in either of the two.  Cowards resort to irreligious malpractices in the name of religion.  They again do  greater interests of the people.  From this view point, Religion and Politics are synonymous.  But those who practice religion only for their own deliverance; politics for self and party-interest are engrossed in petty affairs.  Precious human life has not been gifted for doing such petty things.

    Babamani was noted for his gentleness, kindness, breadth of vision and quiet but profound manner...never running after mere outer appearances. Swami Swarupanda Paramhansha Deva had a special humility that saw God in each creature and sought to help each person discover God in their own way.

    On 21st April, 1984, he left this mortal world and merged into the Omnipresent spirit.










    LOVE FOR ALL GREAT OR SMALL - আবার আসিব আবার হাসিব, আবার গাহিব গান, শুধু বলিবারে পরহিততরে নিজেরে করহ্ দান। BABAMONI

    অধম পতিত অনাথের লাগি পরাণ যাহার কাঁদে, অমল প্রীতির প্রসূন মালায় সেইতো আমারে বাঁধে।



    ধর্ম্মই ভারতের জাতীয় প্রতিভা । জগদ্ধিতার্থে আত্মদানই প্রকূত তপস্যা। স্বার্থপরতাই আত্মহত্মা । নিষ্কলঙ্ক চরিত্র যথার্থ সোন্দর্য। পরার্থই পরমার্থ।

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